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Hospitality Phones

KI We are In the business of ICT and Digital Marketing Solutions We understand every business is different, From small to medium Business through to Corporate Enterprise. Key Integration will strive to deliver results to fit your business ICT or marketing needs, through both innovation and service. It is our focus to work together with our clients to offer Digital marketing through to telephony, data or mobility solutions that are tailored for business growth across a broad platform of applications. With our world leading partnerships there is no limit to the services and solutions we can provide.

Aged Care Phones

At Key Integration we understand the elderly may have certain needs. We like to keep it simple, further more we want our elderly to have an experience that leaves them confident in knowing they can get in touch with there loved ones quickly and easily without un-necessary confusion.


Cordless Handset

Keep your mobile employees connected with some of the best products the market has to offer, We stock the best brands for all applications.

Conference Units

Hear and be heard with our HD voice solutions and make sure every participant in your work meetings are tuned in creating stronger communication and productivity in the work place.

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