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Did you know that we offer products and services Australia wide?


Custom installs are what we specialise in with a commitment to customer satisfaction no job is to big or small, with over 15 years experience our technicians will work to create a seamless flow in your work place and conceal cabling infrastructure and leave your office looking better than ever.


What would happen if your phones stopped working for a day? Or a week? What if the internet stoped working? How would that effect your business?

A redundancy is a plan B that gives you the peace of mind in knowing if the council accidentally cuts a line or some unforseen circumstance effects your business. You will be covered and business will continue. We offer a wide variety of back up options for customers looking to stay connected.

Maintenance & support

Key Integration offers a structured maintenance and support programs to suit any business need. Weather your small to medium business or an enterprise/corporation we have technicians Australia wide to keep your systems working at there best.


Relocating your office can be stressful and time consuming. At Key Integration we can manage your whole move relocating all IT and telephony systems and porting phone lines to your new site as well as setting up any interim diversions to ensure you stay connected.


Financing options

We want to make your experience hassle free and with our finance options you can find a payment plan suitable for you. Enquire with one of our staff to find out what options are available.


Does your business need a new logo or brand image? At Key Design we look at the big picture to capture your brand values and re-create them with a consistent flow that resonates with your clients.


Do you have a project you want to promote? Key Marketing can help you get the best presence you need for a new product or service, With more than 12 years experience we can help you speak to the right people to promote your next business idea.

CCTV Cameras

With some of the best brands in the game we understand that safety is important, whether you work in the hospitality industry or have a warehouse set up, Key Integration has a set up to suit your needs.

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