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NBN and Fibre Plans

With Express and scalable services deployed Australia wide Key Integration can get you connected on a range of plans up to and including 250mbps Fibre Internet.


Does your business have multiple offices? Do you need a private network to link your sites together? Ask us today how we can deploy your very own private network.

Managed Data Pipe

KI We are In the business of ICT and Digital Marketing Solutions We understand every business is different, From small to medium Business through to Corporate Enterprise. Key Integration will strive to deliver results to fit your business ICT or marketing needs, through both innovation and service. It is our focus to work together with our clients to offer Digital marketing through to telephony, data or mobility solutions that are tailored for business growth across a broad platform of applications. With our world leading partnerships there is no limit to the services and solutions we can provide.


Cloud storage

Since the advent of the internet the industry has slowly been moving away from local storage and has been implementing remote based server storage otherwise known as the cloud. Cloud based storage can be of benefit for businesses that have staff working remotely and from home meaning files can be accessed from anywhere, Productivity gains and reduced storage requirements locally is serving the future business of tomorrow.


With the roll out of NBN it may be time to upgrade your VPN network or router to better service your office and increase connectivity speed. Key Integration can recommend the best router/modem for you situation and solution.


Modems can be tricky business and when it comes to redundancy your business may require a fail over to keep your business running. We only offer top brands to suit any variant.


Security is a big thing, and with the ever-changing environment that we all work in it is important to have a data security fail-safe. Enquire now to see how we can help you!

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